Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Play, Passion and Pizza

I have had my weekend. There, all over, all those days of waiting and counting down and longing. Gone. ..

Days spent wishing the hours to speed by and then hoping miraculously to be able to slow them when the time finally comes. But they seem to rush on with the same speedy momentum that you have willed upon them in the preceding time. It's a bugger that!

Anyway, all the wishing and longing completed. I set off Saturday morning to meet my Love, the day bright and sunny, the motorways clear and me excited and happy.

Oh so many memories! Where to start?!?

Well let's see. We met at lunch time and went into town for something to eat, while there I presented him with a 'Contract' to mark our D/s relationship. Now of course some of you regular readers (yer that means you) may remember me saying a while back that I had asked him to have his left nipple pierced as a mark of 'Us', aaah well what I hadn't realised when I asked (and he omitted to tell me at the time) was his total terror at the thought of needles, it was only when the time we were to meet and his piercing was imminent that he told me of this fact. Now being a benevolent Tormentress (and not wanting our first night spent together to be ruined by the utter panic he was feeling) I allowed him to renege on his promise. I was disappointed but was more concerned for his well-being (and of course that of the poor person responsible for inserting a needle through his wimpy flesh!).

But I wanted to mark our 'play', his submission to me, with something that was solid and real so over quite a while I had created a contract for us both to agree on and sign. It hadn't seemed relevant before we had some experience of real play, but now of course we have and it does.

He sat and read it through, his face unreadable at times, but scattered with the smiles and the occasional incredulous look. We talked about the promise we were both making and we duly signed and dated it. He was a happy slut…… (Lmao! I think (hell I KNOW) we offended a mother with her young son by kissing at the table!)

We went shopping, we browsed and giggled and mooched together. We went to Ann Summers (the 'respectable' face of the sex business) and meandered between the rows and shelves of lingerie, discussed the toys, read the books (decided we already did all the sex tips lol) and made a purchase…….. Silly really but it was exciting, the first time that either of us had been in such a store with a partner, someone who would be sharing the benefits of any purchases….

We left the shop and were possibly spotted by one of his colleagues…..hmmm could prove an interesting conversation over coffee at work on Monday!

We headed for our 'home' for the next 24 hours and checked in.

My plan was to play and I had told him that as soon as we arrived within our room he would kneel and submit to me and he did so beautifully as soon as instructed, before me and with head bowed. I was determined that our natural lust and desire for each other would not consume us and distract me from our play, but jeez he takes some resisting (and I swear he uses my weakness for him to try and distract me!) But I was a strong Tormentress and used his need for me to tease him further….

As always I am not going to elaborate (I don't wish to offend you delicate folk), and as I have previously said I only do, he gets 'done' so to speak, I know he intends to divulge details and that is wonderful but I am not going to, but we had great fun, it is wonderfully powerful and intoxicating, his submission thrills me, it is unquestioning and total and very erotic.

What I will admit to is my first 'mistake' as his Tormentress. I hurt him. Now this is actually sillier than it sounds and the irony of it not lost on either of us.

I had teased and tormented him, denied and bound him. I had with me the restraints that I had created. Two lengths of 3' doweling, leather straps at either end for wrists and ankles, a heavy leather collar in the centre of one for around his neck (with a dog tag reading 'slut' suspended from it) and had him stood in the corner while I had marked his flesh with both my paddle and flogger, I had manoeuvred him spread-eagled onto the bed where I had pegged his so sensitive nipples and his balls, teased him further as he squirmed beneath me and then trickled hot wax across him. And then I did something that hurt him. It sounds bizarre I know. But I was mortified.

He read the look of distress on my face as clearly as I had read the pain on his. I was upset, he wanted to comfort me but was strapped down, I clung to him and he wriggled to hold me tight in one arm and I gently released him. We clung to each other. Play ended.

It was a shame but we were very nearly at the end of the scene so not much missed out on, fortunately it only briefly marred what had been a very wonderful time. It was just such a strange feeling to experience such gut-wrenching sorrow for causing hurt where none was intended. It was purely down to my error and inexperience but it highlighted just how different consensual pain infliction is to proper hurt. A lesson learnt.

We spent the rest of our time love-making, pizza-eating, wine-slurping and our usual mix of chatter and gossip, giggling and laughter, love and fun. We fell asleep wrapped in each other and waking in the early hours I lay watching him sleep by the light of my mobile phone (he tells me this evening he did the same *blush*) there right next to me, the man I adore, his breath steady and deep in slumber, his face serene and relaxed while I lay and gazed at him.

The goodbyes feel harder and are a strange mix of faux joviality and longing, but wonderfully we already have another night arranged, in just 4 weeks and so my count down starts again………..

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