Friday, 29 May 2009

Just Like The Weather......

Originally Posted - 27 Sept 2008

...that is what my week has been like and my yesterday mirrored what nature threw at us in the way of an autumn day.

Yesterday morning I set off to meet my darling db.

It was cold, real nippy autumnal air, the fog was thick in places and as I drove I had to use my wipers to clear the cold moisture off my screen. I had put on a long sleeved top, cast aside my toe-post flip flops for the warmth of socks and trainers, thrown my padded hooded jacket on the back seat in case we wandered around anywhere that might feel bleak. All prepared for the coolness of a late September day.

As I drove (as often happens when I approach our meeting point) the sun gradually broke through, the fog began to lift, I could see it hovering above the countryside, clinging to the warming fields before it was burned off by the increasing heat.

By the time I arrived it was full sunshine, bright, glorious day, my welcome matched the warmth of the day, as unexpected as the improved weather. As we sat drinking coffee together, chatting in our usual easy fashion we watched the world transform from the cool and bleak place it had started out to a place full of cheer, heat and brightness. As we walked in our country park later and lay on the grass watching the blamelessly blue sky, interrupted only by the odd feeble cloud and the regular grumble of a plane the sun shone hot and searing onto us, quite made us forget it wasn't a day like earlier in the year when we made love in the scorching sun under an equally blazing sun. So easy to forget.

Lots of words, love and laughter exchanged over our day, sharing passion fruit and slices of buttered toasted fruity-bread over late afternoon coffee as the sun began to gently lose some of its power. And finally we parted, leaving behind a magical day, such a beautiful surprise of a day as much as the weather was a wonderful surprise too. And the sun set as I journeyed home, the beauty of the coloured skies changing as I motored home, my journey long and slow making it feel like the slow peeling of elastplast, too slowly, increasing the pain of parting from fragile skin by its slowness.

And when I got home it was dark and chilly again, the night black, the air nippy and to be protected against.

And now I just wait....and hope that there will be another day of warmth and sunshine, another beautiful surprise in the coming season.

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