Thursday, 5 March 2009

Its A Mans World

Originally Posted - 27 January 2007

Now for many many years I worked with women, predominantly a female work force, all girls together. The men who worked in our industry (at least those at the thin edge of the wedge) were often gay, not always but often. We all got on, that is not to say that there weren't fall outs occasionally, that you didn't come across people that you didn't particularly gel with, and I was lucky, I did have an exceptionally amazing team that worked for me, we all got on, we were all friends but they all understood I had a job to do and respected me. I spent 13 years doing this and apart from unsociable hours and 7 day working rota's all was well.

I now work in a very male environment! I work for a construction company. I work under the Director, the Contracts Manager and the Site Manager. I deal with 26 of our own male work force and also numerous sub-contractors. Female contact is to a minimum, its only office staff that tends to maybe female.

But jeez...are they easier to work with? God no! They bitch, they witter, they whine and moan, they are petulant when they don't get their own way, they get the ump...yer I hear you say just like you bloody women!! Except its not!

My name is Denny... but one day I swear I’m going to keep count of the things I get called. Bosses Bitch (Boss decided rather than be his PA i should be his BB), Doris (on account that I ‘ear wig’ and pop in my two penneth like a granny!) Weed (because I have a tattoo of a flower on my wrist) Denster (???) Denoir (equally???) DBT (Denny Big Tits - yer well they are builders!) do I go on? No its boring. But all these names are banter, harmless banter. The language in the office is appalling! Political Correctness is 50 years away! Sexism, racism, ageism.....

Oh but if I ever retaliate oh blimey! “Is it nature week?” “Oh she's off to Puddleton again!” “What? Not getting any?” “You need another baby!” or I have "crossed the line" or "over stepped the mark" and Boss therefore has the arse for a few days!

Ok allowances should be made, he is 40, he is Italian, he is an Arian and he is male.....all these things should be taken in to account LOL!

But there are days when my years spent in the "bitchy-bimbo laden-superficial world" of cosmetics seem infinitely more appealing!

As you can tell I have had dealings with my easily upset boss this week, Monday the office was shite, by Wednesday it was lovely, Thursday morning he got the ump again and by Friday close of business all was well and smiley......but wow they say women are moody!

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