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Originally Posted - 24 April 2007

Well my usual Sunday blog was going to be all about the excitement in my life but because daughter went AWOL briefly I sort of got distracted

Excitement one....I have met two of my Myspace friends! Making a total of 3 now! One isn't actually my friend and has had to be deleted for personal reasons (his not mine!). We met for coffee and spent a sunny afternoon gossiping and giggling about our lives. Strange, creepy bloke, tried to hit on me when I had made it clear there was no way! While I was with him drinking coffee all I wanted to scream was I want this to be db!!!

Number two is still a Myspace friend, always good for a giggle on here, sends nice comments and messages and has great sense of humour. It was strange meeting for real as people are never quite how you have imagined them, even when you have seen pictures. He has joined me and friends for a beer a couple of times now and is brilliant company...thank you x

All of this does rather highlight though my biggest wish that is excitement number three!

My most special Myspace friend and I are now in the process of planning to meet. He has been incapacitated since mid January or I am sure this would have occurred a lot earlier but maybe it has not been a bad thing. Although initially we have agreed that will meet to chat and get to know each other it is very clear that we both have alternative ideas for possible future liaisons and it has given us both time to consider whether this is really what we want, how we really want things to proceed between us. We have sorted a location and a vague date depending on how his physio goes, we are impatient, excited and scared but it is something we both want very badly.

Excitement four is I have given my notice in at work....a week ago today a big row with McNasty! Lots of shouting and although I managed to hold my own I was shaken and it was the straw that broke the camels back. I was bullied into doing fulltime from my 3 days a week 2 and a half years ago and although I have loved it any of you who read previous blogs will know that I asked Boss to consider letting me go back to 3 days should the opportunity arise when we were taking on more staff in the summer, I have also catalogued how when I am absent (whether ill, holiday or mere day off) they alter things, the templates on my pc, my screensaver from family pic to Microsoft blue, the position of the office desks and on my last absence I came back to find a new member of the office staff! I am still full time and so I sat after the row and pushed the work I was supposed to be doing and I typed out a letter of resignation. It has been accepted, and yet no one has mentioned advertising for a replacement, my private health care has just this week been renewed and the Boss laughed on Friday and said "you won’t go. I know you!" Hmmmm...

Excitement number five is that this Saturday my girlie holiday looms! I still have very few clothes that fit me, tho I have discovered that 2 bikinis still cover me adequately and despite being a little nervous as I only know one of the 6 girls I am going with I am sure I will have a brilliant time. Time away from home, away from hubby and the girls, time away from work...bliss

Excitement six...I have been given the ok by my Doctor to lower my dose of happy pills and wean myself off them....I have been on them now 18 months and at last feel strong enough to not use them as a crutch any longer...

And so I shall bottle all these excited feelings and I shall store them away somewhere safe so next time I feel a little in need of some excitement in my life I can just whip it out and take a swig!!.....................toodles! x

The lines put in italics are actually lines I have edited. At the time the people I wrote about were going to read these words and I didnt want to offend. But everything else I write is as relevant today as when written.

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