Saturday, 14 March 2009

The Feel Good Factor

Originally Posted - 28 March 2007

I have had a really good week!! I have been really very upbeat!! There are very few weeks that go by that I can say I don’t get the awful dip of a low at some point but for the last week I have felt great!

Last weekend I had a friend’s baby to stay. The first time the Baby had been away from mummy and daddy for more than one night. I was asked to have him in the instance that family wasn’t available to have him and I must admit I was quite apprehensive. Not only is it 14 years since I had a baby but this was a boy baby! A boy baby with dangly bits!! I don't do boys! I don't do dangly bits! I had girlies….it is all foreign ground to me!

Oh I had a ball! I played 'mummy' - apart from the fact that he is very very cute (fluffy blonde hair and big blue eyes) he sleeps through the night for approximately 10 hours (something neither of my kids did till around the age of 13!) and he wakes with the most dazzling smile on his face, he is an absolute dream...such a happy content smiley baby….we all fell totally in love with him!

We bathed him and took him out in his pushchair, I took him for latte at Starbucks with Pussy Galore and Holly Golightly on Saturday afternoon (Holly G had never ever held a baby before but twice asked for a cuddle with him!)... I compared sleep patterns and teething with the mother of another 8 month old at the next table (she thought he was mine and as he was cuter than her bald girl I didn't correct her - was also flattered that I still could be mistaken as young enough to have a very young baby and she didn’t assume I had my grandchild with me lol!) I made him bottles and fed him tiny jars of bland looking food, I taught him how to smack his chops after his dinner oh I fell in love!!

But I know that part of the wonderfulness of it was that he is not my responsibility...he was going back on sunday beautiful lounge only look like a bombed ToysRus store for 48 usual small shoulder bag with money keys lip-gloss and phone was only replaced by a ruck sack full of paraphernalia for every eventuality for a short time. Oh but I did enjoy it! And that among a few other events, this week has left me with a glorious glow in my head and my heart, a lovely feeling of well being that nothing and no-one can spoil this week....

Weekends are usually not looked forward to.....time at home avoided at times....but I am actually looking forward to my 4 Easter days off...

It could all be down to my little house guest last weekend that kept me busy and focused...or it could be that I with all that has happened at home the last few weeks, I don't feel that I am living a lie any more....I am being honest and open (even if it is hard or hurtful at times) either one of these things it could be. But just for once I am not going to analyse it….I am merely going to enjoy it...

Happy Easter to you all x x x

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