Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Shite Days...

Originally Posted - 22 January 2007

I don't know why I post these upbeat, jolly, "gosh-isn't-my-world-great" blogs! They invariably seem to be the kiss of death to any happiness I feel each time I do!

I had a frustrating day yesterday but was determined to keep chirpy and not let the day spoil. Spent most of the afternoon and evening mucking about on here, sport was on the telly all afternoon and most of the evening too so I came to chat and blog and mess about. Then joy of joys my favourite myspacer joined me online, but his day had been pants, he was feeling rejected, dejected and disappointed, so we chatted aimlessly and ended up having a 'good time'. Then we were cut off abruptly, without of usual 'post-online-liaison-chat' I ended up feeling bit pissed off, then vulnerable, exposed and used. (You know, you have just had a shag and nip to the loo and on returning find them dressed and ready to leave? sure it’s happened to all of us at some point!) I sulked, which was foolish as it was as beyond his control as it was mine, but I felt there!

I retired to bed and fell sound asleep.

Waking at about 3am I found hubby snuffling and murmuring on his side of the bed, deep dreamy sleep, twitching involuntarily, breathing heavily. I slid my hand over him, curious, was he having a horny dream? I discovered a very hard cock beneath the thin material of his pj's. Now this would not bother me in the slightest except for the simple fact that on Friday while he relaxed on the bed watching the 6pm news I had crawled over to him and kissed him, hard and passionate, hitched up my skirt and sat astride him, he had held me tight grinding against each other, he hotched my panties down and I unzipped him and we kissed some more...nothing...limp...not a murmur. We fumbled around a bit but were gratefully disturbed by daughter, he leapt up and dashed in bathroom, I quickly dropped skirt and kicked pants under the bed! Saved by the bell! But here is was now with a beautiful hard erection!

I touched him, oh so lightly, tracing one finger up and down its length, all the movements he loves but so lightly I knew they would be as frustrating as hell, teasing fingers, speeding then slowing to a maddening pace, all the time barely any pressure behind the strokes. He adjusted his position, slightly parting his legs, so again I allowed my butterfly touch to emulate strong wanking movements but so lightly, so gently, him trying to push against my hand, me keeping my distance. Then I grabbed his balls, hard, hurtful, grinding my hand into them, my strong fingers pressing deep forceful strokes under his balls, between his legs, along the root of his cock, his movements changed urging me on, so I stopped, butterfly strokes again, up and down, back and forth, hardly a touch at all, teasing, tracing, circling the tip now wet with anticipation, still he tried to encourage proper strokes, a proper grip, a firm thrust of my hand, all the time I continued, light and ineffectual. Then I grabbed him again, harder this time, he groaned out loud, my fingers cruelly crushing the delicate flesh that woke him fully!

He reached round to me and finding me more than ready raised himself above me and fucked me hard and urgently! We kissed briefly and fell back to sleep.

Nothing has been mentioned this morning. Revenge short lived and not terribly satisfying.

Have felt like a pile of shite today. Tried to start diet again! Boss not speaking much to me. Me feeling resentful and low. Car costing a fortune at the garage. Cat been in fight again and had to go to vets. And to top it all my most darling friend and usual highlight of my day seems to be finding it all too much.


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  1. This DEFINITELY should have been illustrated.