Monday, 23 March 2009

31 Weeks

Originally Posted - 30 May 2008

My world has changed yet again!! And all is well! Infact better than well, my world is a pretty bloody fantastic place to be at this very precise moment in time!

My Love and I have spoken at length and calmed all the turmoil that we were feeling, I can't say resolved because to do that would require one of those little memory erasing zap things that Will Smith has in Men in Black and as far as I know they are not yet on the market in the UK the reason for this huge mood swing from 'distressed' to 'ecstatic'...we have finally been able to arrange a day, place and time for us to meet....I know!...amazing isn't it!!... after all these months!

Of course I think I have mentioned that if it hadn't been for the fact that he injured his leg back in January (plaster for many weeks and many more weeks of physio) has only fairly recently been able to drive again, is still not yet back at work and we live a fair damn distance from each other, that we would have met a lot sooner....but now we are, really are!

I re-read some of my old blogs the other day and I had written one a long while ago about meeting my perfect man, a man whose laundry I didn’t have to wash, a man who didn’t belch or fart, didn’t ever leave the toothpaste lid off and only ever told me how amazing I was, made love to me, pleased me and made me smile...but how I would never hold his hand, see his smile or the twinkle in his eye, how I would never know what it felt like to kiss him or hold him, how I would never know his voice or his laughter... well of course many of you know that we speak regularly on the phone and that we use our webcams now, so I do know the sound of his voice and laughter, I do see his smile and twinkling eyes.....

But of course now, I am going to discover the other bits, the kiss, the hug, the feel of his skin (and any other bits which I am not usually so reticent about describing but as this is referring to my real person I feel the need to omit) and the whole thing is intoxicating! I am so excited about meeting this man who has been such an incredible presence in my life from almost the very first day we made contact - Monday October 30th 2006 (hey have just worked out it will be exactly 31 weeks on the day we meet LMAO! how juvenile am I!!! no don't answer that!)

Anyway I better get my ass in gear and carry on glossing the woodwork in the kitchen….back to reality.

Toodles folks x

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