Thursday, 12 March 2009

Deep Cleansing

Originally Posted - 20 March 2007

I was brought up to always wash my the morning and before I go to bed. At the tender age of 18 I got my first job with a large prestige cosmetic company where the importance of cleansing the skin was drummed into us with the fervor of a religious sect. For over 20 years I have cleansed morning and night with a variety of expensive products, fluffy emollient tissue off cleansing creams, light fluid makeup dissolving lotions, creamy foaming wash-off cleansers and the when I left the cosmetic world and had used up my stash of expensive premium priced products I found favour with the wondrous cleansing wipe!

So how surprised am I to discover that all these years I have wasted my money!?!

That all I needed to do was to cry every hour on the hour for a period of approximately 10 - 15 minutes, blotting face with tissue and blowing nose with enthusiasm and that all my makeup (so carefully and expertly applied in the morning) would just glide of with little or no effort at all! It evens removes waterproof mascara by the end of the day!! Amazing!

So there you have it folks - no need for overpriced cleansers - just "Cry-Yourself-Clean"!

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