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Originally Posted - 18 May 2007

And no cheque book and pen!

Well I am here at home having been told to leave work early...last Monday to be precise. so I have had this week at home, as it was a bonus week I have just chilled, done very little, chatted on here and on msn, shopped a bit, lunched, turned another year know all the usual stuff that happens in a week!

I have had plenty of opportunity to sit here at my own pc, no kids, no hubby, no work colleagues to hide from, and write another of my deliciously naughty tales (long overdue that it is!) but have I? NO! And why? Because my mind just either draws a complete blank or goes into the place that is unbloggable.....that is my first meeting with DB!

Now this is a very difficult place to be because although it is human nature not only to imagine how it will all be, how it will feel, what will take place, how you hope things will turn out but it is a sort of 'need' to at least have in your head an idea of what you are willing to allow to happen. Now it doesn't take a genius to see what sort of relationship has developed between the two of us and not for one minute am I suggesting that the first time we meet it will be me in my Miss Whiplash outfit and him in a gimp suit.....we will be meeting as friends.....two people who have shared many thoughts, ideas, problems, heartaches, hopes and will be as lovers, who have shared fantasies, desires and the most sexually charged exchanges I have ever had.....the initial meeting will be scary and taking things to a completely unchartered territory, and once done there will be no going back.

So as you can imagine it is extremely difficult to write anything vaguely smutty without the instant image of the two of us bouncing into my head or if I do write, will it appear that that is what I am planning/ hoping/ wanting to occur? So it is best left me thinks...

On a lighter note, when I start my new role of Domestic Goddess next week, I have decided I am going to decorate....haven't decided whether to start with the kitchen or the marital bedroom (both are meant to feature high on the Domestic Goddess list of important things) so suggestions will be gratefully received!

Another impending event on my calendar is that my long suffering hubby has a business trip to china on the cards and has been told to get a visa that allows him access to the country about 3 or 4 times a year. He is excited and nervous about his first major business visit abroad and I have to look pleased and concerned for him and his welfare as well. But in truth I shall be glad of the few days at home alone...maybe a taster for the future?

Now before I manage to convince you all that I am nothing more than a hard faced, bitter and selfish bitch, I shall sign off and go do homely things like laundry and cooking

Catch you all soon, toodles x

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