Saturday, 4 April 2009

Icecream and Insults

Originally Posted - 13 July 2007

Well my girlie comes home tonight I have missed her so!! I know I grumble and whinge about her selfish little teenage ass...but jeez have I missed her. I have missed her so much this week, probably more than most cos I have had a pretty dreadful week. Whereas youngest daughter keeps herself tucked away, poddles about, amuses herself with her own stuff, absent daughter earwigs, asks questions and generally pokes her nose in! I have been able to shield youngest from my hell this week but 'nosey pants' would have been straight in there! And although I have missed her hugs, her love and her support of me, I wouldn't have wanted her to witness her mum quite in such a dreadful state (didn't eat or shower for 2 days yer it’s been that bad) and so tonight she will be home! With her tales of her holiday, the boys, the booze and hundreds of useless pictures no doubt!

On a different note, Tesco have had Ben & Jerrys Icecream on special offer and (oh bugger had better give girls names cos i can't keep referring to them as youngest and eldest!) Ok, Jasmine my youngest and I treated ourselves to a tub each the other week...she chose Chocolate Fudge Brownie and I chose Half-Baked ooh yummeee!

This week it was still on offer so we bought 2 more tubs and this time took one for hubby. When I 'presented' it to him I told him how Jasmine had chosen Choc Fudge Brownie cos she is our little choc fudge brownie How I had Half-Baked "Cos you're half-baked?" he enquired stepping straight into the trap for when I showed him his tub I had got him Fossil Fuel I'm not sure he was amused.

Lots more to tell but neither the time nor the heart for it.....

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