Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Trick or Treat?

Originally Posted - 3 Nov 2007

Hey! Did you all have a good Halloween? I have found over the years that the best way to keep the pesky little blighters from knocking your door is to stock up on lots of sweeties to give them! Works every time! Not one witch, not a single ghost and definitely no horrid little ghouls come knocking at my door!! Now of course if there isn't a treat in the house, they seem to descend on my front step from miles around! I swear they sniff out the unprepared

I am having a bit of Trick or Treat fun myself .....or should I say Task or Treat??

I have set My Love a series of tasks for him to complete on the run up to our next meeting. But before I go any further I just wish to make an observation regarding myself.

I love these games. They are fun, exciting, erotic, thrilling and at times all-consuming. Now we have played for real I appreciate very much how different these games are. Real play is all those things described above, but it is also REAL and physical, you get to see first hand the effect that the task, pain, touch, tease has on each other. The response is immediate and visible, you are there to praise, support, comfort and soothe these responses and reactions. It is very real. These online games or games by text take a little more thought, although the responses, both mental and physical, are still as real the other person is not able to share so clearly.

I have noticed that I tend to use these games to focus my Love on me. Of Course this is the whole point, to fill his head and wrack his body with the need to succumb to my whim, my pleasure. But I have noticed I particularly create these games when I am feeling low or fragile, vulnerable or insecure. I know this isn't particularly healthy but hell, its better than Prozac!!

Back to the game.

We are to meet in 4 days time, and this time, quite unusually the choice of the tasks are down to him, I laugh because that is not strictly true! I have sent him 6 separate messages, each with a cryptic title so as not to reveal too much. Each evening he is to open a message of his choosing (see told you! he's picking them) and that is his task for the following day. Of course that means that 2 will remain unopened, unrevealed, he may miss the easiest ones or the most fun ones

Last night he selected his first. It was titled 'So Close'. It is a tease and denial task and as always he is pushing himself as far as he can in trying to please, obey and complete the task. I sometimes fear that he will push too far and fail, which he did once very early on in our game playing. He was devastated, truly gutted and I don't like the idea of him being in that dark place again. But I trust him and I trust his judgment in testing his resolve, I know he doesn't want to fail me either.

On Tuesday evening the day before we meet I shall send him another 6 messages, these will contain 'Treats', rewards that will be available to him on Wednesday when we meet. How many treats he gets to open will be dependant on how many tasks he has completed satisfactorily for me, but of course there will be a maximum of 4 opened. Once again, which will he choose, will he pick the most thrilling ones, hmmm sluts choice

And so today I go about my day, all the while aware that approximately 180 miles away there is a delicious man who, at this very moment is virtually totally focused on his need for me, for my approval and my praise. It is intoxicating stuff

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