Sunday, 26 April 2009

One Whole Year

Originally Posted - 24 Oct 2007

Yesterday marked the anniversary of my online profile, one whole year has passed since, despite being told (in fact it was because of it!) that I was 'too old' to have a MySpace page by my daughter, I signed up and created my profile.

Oh such an innocent profile, pictures of the kids, holiday snaps that made me look half decent, smiley shots with friends, all on a flowery little background of some obscure colour I can't remember now.

I added my friends and my daughters and my daughters friends and smiled each day when if I had received a message or a comment. I had some friend requests and I happily accepted them all Oooh people wanted to be my 'friend'!!!

Friends have changed, my profile has changed, innocence has gone, blogs have changed, pictures been altered......

One whole year....

Have I moved on with my life any? Nah not really. As you all read there is the new world of 'honesty' that I'm not sure is a help or a hindrance, is it true that sometimes ignorance really is bliss? But there again, if I'm not asked I don't tell its just if I am asked I tell the truth.

I sat and wept a little with my best friend in the whole world yesterday, and she pointed out that I don't have to make any decisions yet, now; or even soon, no-one is pressuring me except me. I pointed out that I'm not getting any younger and that I feel my life is slipping past without me being sure of who or what I am but she reminded me that age is just a number, one I'm afraid I tag far too much importance to, and that the time will come when I will be able to decide what to do.

Now here's another quandary.......and one you can all help me with!

It has been discovered that our bed is knackered (that means broken in this context) I have not been sleeping well for many months. I had put it down to the fact that I sleep on the very edge of the bed most of the time to create the obligatory gap between me and hubby. I blamed the fact that I do not relax while I share a bed with him. I sleep soundly when in any other bed, whether it be hotel, friends spare room, sofa!! But in ours I wake feeling cranky and my back feels sore. I ache, I grumble and I get up at ungodly hours cos I can't get comfortable. Now at least I know it is the beds fault! But hey now dilemma!!

Do I approach the subject of whether we could perhaps purchase 2 single beds as opposed to a new king size??? What do you think?? Its perfect timing but am I brave enough???

Off to make coffee and feed the cats......bye for now x

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