Sunday, 12 April 2009

Daughters and Lovers

Originally Posted - 15 Aug 2007, not both of them together but the two subjects feature in my blog today.

Firstly (as in the title) daughters, specifically my daughter, very specifically my eldest daughter Beth.

Beth is approaching her 18th birthday. In September. Last year she got her provisional drivers license and started taking driving lessons. Back in June I booked her theory driving test and as she had taken 30 lessons with still no mention from her pillock of an instructor that she was ready to take her practical, I stopped her lessons and said that once she had passed the theory I would then re-book lessons with a different (hopefully better!) instructor to get her through the practical! She took the test and missed it by 5 marks.....but was pleased with herself (because she thought that she would fail it by more than that) and she HAD passed the hazard perception part after all! We re-booked, she went on her hols promising to practice hard when she got back, on her return she booked to go see some band in London with her friend so "sorry mum, I won't be here for my test!"....I rescheduled, giving her an extra week to practice, This time she was THRILLED cos she only failed it by ONE mark!!! Don't you see you stupid girl!! You failed it!! "Yer but only by one mum, I'm getting better!"

On the 3rd September the theory test gets harder, with a lot more questions, so desperately I have been checking the test centre each day to see if there were any cancellations.....(its me who's paying for these fucking tests!) and hoorah! Managed to get her in for this Thursday! I have been out for the day today (more on that in a minute) and text her this morning to remind her to put some practice in today.....has she? Has she hell! I got home to find she has cleared off to stop with her friend overnight.....I despair! Add the fact that back in February my parents put some money towards a brand new little car for her and I to share (and ultimately it will be hers when she is earning - that needs another blog in itself!!) but will she drive it? No! I don't know what to do with her! I liked it when she was little and she did as she was told, because she believed me, and I was the centre of her world now it seems every outside influence is more influential than me! Friends, boyfriends, spotty geeks that hang about, any one other than me! There are some days I don't like being a mum!

However I do like being a Lover.....and that brings me to the second part of my blog.

For today I have met My Love again. For the fifth time! Yes! Shock! Horror! Each time we meet it is so much fun, so comfortable, such easy company, so so enjoyable....... As you have read in my previous blogs (and I know some of you read his too) we live a long distance apart, around 180 odd miles, fortunately for me he works a good hours traveling away from home and in my direction! This means that when he is at work he is only around 130 miles from me and with an hours drive for the both of us we manage to meet half way.....not too difficult, as they say if there's a will there's a way and oh boy is there a will!

Of course finding a suitable place to meet is a little trickier as neither of us are particularly familiar with this part of the country (getting better tho lol). As I blogged our first meeting was a little jinxed with a motorway closure and we ended up at a Sports and Leisure Centre, but they had a coffee shop and a toilet and a pathway to wonder around, and beyond all that neither of us really cared at all where we were because we were finally meeting, real life meeting, face to face, touch, hold, kiss (yer yer you get the picture!)

The next time we met at a nearby service station (and I have to add this that as service stations go it really is rather lovely) on that occasion we both thought it was to be the last time and it was full of tears and pain and heartache, but even then so comfortable with each other.....

Then we had our day together which I have already written of....

For our meeting today My Love had googled and discovered a woodland area with a sculpture trail ...sounded lovely, still close to our 'half way' point, a little culture and artiness to balance the snogging and so that was our rendezvous for today.....and it pissed it down!! Lmao!! We have had about 3 weeks of lovely weather and when we had hoped for a picnic and outdoor pursuits it was pouring with rain......Did it matter? Not one jot! He had bought us a picnic we shared while stowed in his car, we chatted, we laughed, we giggled and we had squashed sex! Ha ha ha!!! We even attracted our very own pervert who kindly parked close by and made no effort to hide the fact he was trying to watch! (We moved parking spots...he went!) But once again we have had a wonderful day. My little heart is fair bubbling with joy! (which incidentally was the name on the first Eddie Stobbart lorry that I passed on the way home!) My face is as smiley as it can get with risking more laughter lines, and my body buzzes at the memory of him.

And the sculptures? Oh they were magnificent, he was particularly taken with a golden bust and my favourite was a magnificent monolith.

bye folks x

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