Monday, 29 June 2009

The Key to a Woman

Originally Posted - 9 Feb 2009

I am a frequent visitor to my favourite chat room and have met some wonderfully entertaining and warm people here, many are now people I think of as real friends and I have developed genuine affection for them.

It was during one of my afternoon visits a few days ago when I found myself alone in the room with five submissive guys, some of them regulars who I have chatted to before and a couple of new guys who were exploring.

The chat was funny, friendly and flirty and made me smile lots! Among the banter were some pretty predictable suggestions about what I could do with them all and some enquiries about how to take their exploration a little further.

I don’t do random play in the chatroom, so harmless banter abound I kept them entertained for a while. Some were talking about the ladies in their lives and it made me think about how I, as a woman, long to be treated.

I told them that the best piece of advice I could give them, Femdom not excluded but not the priority, was to treat a woman how you want her to be.

Simple…..the key to a woman....

I know I have written extensively and nauseatingly about my lost love but the simple truth remains.

He treated me differently. He told me I was beautiful, he treated me like I was precious; he made love to me like I was the most desirable woman alive, he addressed me with total love, respect and adoration, our time together was as if we were magical and any contact with him made me feel loved, wonderful and amazing.

I was ALL those things to him, for him, with him because that was how he made me feel.

My husband has told me he doesn’t ‘fancy’ me, he doesn’t find me particularly arousing, he treats me like a failure because our home isn’t spotless and pristine (he tells me now 20yrs after he married me he really wanted me to be 'the little woman at home'), he treats me as if I were invisible seeming to prefer sport on Sky to my company. And that is what I had become and sadly what I fear more than anything becoming again.

An invisible, un-fanciable, failed housekeeper.

But I am not! I am beautiful, warm, funny and desirable! What I am working on now is not relying on other people to make me feel this way, but finding ways of making myself feel those things….so I can hold my head up high and face the world with a smile.

So my suggestion all you out there, is treat that woman how you wish her to be, it may just work!

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