Tuesday, 20 April 2010

My Celebrity Shag List.....

....shamelessly stolen from auntiegwen! So you can safely assume that there is at least some 'life after love'! Well ok perhaps Lust after Love..ha ha but hey a girl can't stay numb forever!

The delicious Josh Holloway. If you are a female Lost fan there are two camps, Jack or Sawyer. For me its always been the bad boy Sawyer

Hugh Jackman, didn't quite float my boat as Wolverine but still enough eye candy for him to not be thrown out of my bed if he were lucky enough to find himself there.......

Bradley Cooper, I am a sucker for a gorgeous smile and a twinkle in the eyes, he has both!

Mr Gerard Butler, something deliciously rugged and flirty about him, can imagine him being the rascal

And there my blogger stopped working for some strange reason and wouldnt let me upload any more pics or you may have also been subjected to Orlando Bloom, George Clooney and Nigel Barker!! Oh yummy !!

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  1. Ooh, I like Orlando too. Very good choices my dear :)