Saturday, 9 January 2010

What Makes You Happy

I logged in this morning and have been catching up on my favourite blogs. I have a bit of reading to do as it has been a day or two....but the one that caught my eye this morning was from Crystal Jigsaw..... what CJ describes as a MeMe blog, the idea of which she had 'stolen' from a blog she follows......

So I thought I would shamelessly follow with my own.......

"Ten Best Things In My Life That Are Free"

Some days are really rather hard and it is very easy to get bogged down by the negatives so sitting here now thinking of my 10 things may be very good therapy for me...

1. Climbing into my bed all showered, clean skin, clean sheets and clean pyjamas

2. When one of my beautiful daughters wants a 'mummy hug', they are 17 and 20 now and no longer fit on my lap but do their damndest to some days, they wrap me in their youthful limbs and squeeze me and I bury my face in their hair and inhale them!

3. A seasonal one......How thrilling is it to be the very first person to walk on virgin snow! ☺

4. Waking in the morning and realising that you have slept the whole night through without waking! Sadly even then I rarely feel completely refreshed but it still gives me that glow of satisfaction.

5. Watching the ocean. Sitting on a beach or a cliff top and watching the waves, whether they are small rhythmic laps on sand or the more exhilerating pounding of tidal waves against rocks......

6. Laying in my garden on a summers days and gazing at the blue sky through the canopy of leaves on the large lime tree, colours I now associate with summer.

7. A moment of brief conversation that makes you a store, the petrol station, a waiting room....

8. Walking into my kitchen to find everything washed up and tidied away, with 2 girls you would think it might be more often than it is...but thanks to my husband I do get that pleasure.

9. Losing myself in a good book, its pure escapism. I can't get into one at the moment, I have 3 queuing up to be read, I suspect it is my frame of mind at the moment not the books, so I will bide my time and try again in a while

10. Having my parents, friends and folks round for food and chatter...

Writing this has been so much harder than I ever imagined it could be! I started out with such positive thoughts and by the time I got to 8 and 9 I was struggling. It made me realise a couple of things. Firstly, how much of our life is spent doing things that DON'T make us happy, the mundane, the necessary, the obligatory stuff and secondly, that we should make sure we do the stuff that DOES make us happy far more often.

Its been a good exercise.....I think more of us ought to take the time to make lists of their own.

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