Sunday, 23 May 2010

A Big Fat "0"

Well its been a while since I put finger to keyboard and quite a lot has happened since I did!

Firstly, well not firstly but I guess most significantly I have had a 'land-mark' birthday, you know, one of those nasty ones with a '0' at the end of it, one you seriously consider lying about, leaving the country during or simply claiming alzheimers and denying all knowledge of.....yes it was one of those.

Being the mother of two beautiful, firm, slender, wrinkle free children who only see that a birthday is something to be excited about and should be celebrated there was no chance to get away with any of the above options and not being a recent lottery winner I didn't have the option of a 2 months round the world cruise!

The 'big' day itself fell on a Saturday and so in a rash moment I decided what the hell! I would have a party!! Completely bottling the idea of a venue (in case no one came and there ended up about 15 of us rattling in a beautifully balloon festooned room) I chose to have a house party.

I had the time of my life! My celebration really started on the preceding Thursday when a 'friend' took me out for dinner (I shall save that for another blog) save to say that I was treated wonderfully, laughed lots, easy chatter and company, delicious food and went home feeling as smiley and content as Cheshire Cat.....

Friday I met friend for coffee and breakfast and then after saying our goodbye met an old school friend for lunch. I have known this elegant lady for over 30 years and lost touch completely after we left school, (another blog material) but we now meet every so often to catch up. Another lovely treat. In the evening we were joined by my brother and daughters boyfriend and we shared wonderful chinese food and much laughter.....

And then my big day arrived! My girls spoilt me utterly and among other gifts I have a spa day to look forward to! I had a much longed for ipod (can't work the damn thing but its tiny, sleek, 8GB and orange!) and oodles of gifts and cards to open.

Night saw my garden alight with fairy lights in the gazebo and balloons! Lots of people, family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues all descended and filled my home with laughter and chatter, more gifts and cards and flowers! To be honest I was a little over-whelmed by it all, I barely drank until about 11 as I kept putting down my glass to greet and hug people and by the time i had been swept along my new arrivals I had lost the still almost full beverage and had another one poured, only to be repeated after a couple of sips!

I danced and laughed my way to the wee hours and then fell gratefully into bed. Sunday saw family and birthday tea and finally my 4 days of celebrations drew to a gentle close. Although I have dreaded that particular birthdays impending approach for many many months, I can honestly say I had a ball.

Perhaps I can start a new decade, afresh and clean, the last one contained some monumental highs and some heart shattering lows.....perhaps this one will be kind enough to be a little gentler on me as I started it so well??

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Politics and Policies

We have sat having dinner this evening with the TV still on in the other room. We are being bombarded with Party Political Broadcasts due to the impending General Election on Thursday and over hearing the mumbled empty policies being promised from the mouth of candidates and celebrities my husband and I mumbled a few of our own choice morsels!

My youngest suggested that actually she thought she would make a very good Prime Minister. "And what would you do?" we probed sweetly.
"Oh I'd make everything cheaper!" she said "so we could all afford things like houses"

"And I would save the elephants, I love elephants!"

"And I would plant things!"
"What would you plant?" (thinking planet saving trees here...)
"Sunflowers!" she pronounced "You don't see many of them about and they are so bright" I the proud owner of an innocent 5 year old? No. She is 17 and doing her A Levels and although all said tongue in cheek it does worry me slightly LOL!

Having said that I actually think she couldn't do much more damage to the country as the bunch of fools we have the choice of to elect! VOTE JASMINE!